Cheers, Dears!

Characters Dealing with Personal Demons

August 25, 2021 Sarah Faxon Season 1 Episode 1
Cheers, Dears!
Characters Dealing with Personal Demons
Show Notes

Are you looking for a kickass main character filled with flaws who has the fate of the world resting on her shoulders? Then Author Dennis K. Crosby's main character Kassidy Simmons may be your gal!

Join author Dennis K. Crosby and me as we talk about his first urban fantasy novel, Death's Legacy, in this two-parter episode where next week we'll be talking about his sequel, Death's Debt.

In this episode, we're talking about how having personal demons can sometimes make a person the best to deal with evil.

Finishing this book literally kept me up all night and I'm so excited to start off this podcast by telling you all about this adventure! The beverage Dennis recommends to enjoy while reading this story is revealed in this episode!

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