Cheers, Dears!

Writing Tips for the New Year Part 1

January 05, 2022 Sarah Faxon Season 1 Episode 2
Cheers, Dears!
Writing Tips for the New Year Part 1
Show Notes

Looking to finish and publish that novel this year? Here are some tips from some wonderful authors, including Henry L. Hertz, Corey Lynn Fayman, Lisa Brackmann, and Sherri Kukla.

Award-winning children's book and fantasy/sci-fi/horror author,  Henry L. Hertz chats with us about staying strong, regardless the inevitable rejections, and how writing drabbles have helped to build his confidence.

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Award-winning author of the Rolley Waters series, Corey Lynn Fayman and I chat about drawing inspiration from real life.

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New York Times best-selling author, Lisa Brackmann and I talk about what to do when your book becomes orphaned and the importance of doing research into the publishing scene.

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Last but not least, owner of S&S Publishing and Off Road Magazine, Sherri Kukla and I chat about finding the right critique group for your books.

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